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This 1-on-1 Coaching Program Empowers You To:


with self-limiting beliefs that hold you back and shatter your self-perception, leaving you feeling like a terrible imposter. Let go of them and create a fulfilling career


Learn to maintain healthy boundaries and know how to communicate effectively without fear even in difficult situations. Advocating for yourself is crucial to accelerate your career


that’s built around your personal career goals and follow your custom roadmap with identifiable milestones and progress points


today with no obligations to continue – learn how my holistic, 1-on-1 coaching can help you to thrive

Put Yourself In The Driver’s Seat of Your Career

Do You Ever Feel Stuck In Your Career But Deep Down Know That You Deserve Much More?

You’re good at what you do, but you can never quite shake off that feeling that you’re not that good… and sometimes, you feel like you’re just going through the motions of “fake it until you make it”.

This feeling drives you to take on every project, hoping that your colleagues and seniors notice your hard work and dedication – but it feels like nobody does.

Your boundaries are non-existent, and you avoid all difficult conversations, conflicts, or even just standing up to express yourself.
It’s no wonder that you may be feeling on the cusp of burnout!

After all, your people-pleasing nature and hard work ethic doesn’t seem to be advancing your career – and your mindset is drowning you in negativity.

This is the trap most high-achieving professionals fall into, they work until they burn themselves out patiently waiting for their turn to be recognized and rewarded.

The truth is that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted to advance your career and that you are good at what you do.

Don’t settle for less. You can build a fulfilling career if you set your mind to it.



Helping You Achieve Success

You Have Experienced  These Challenges Before 


You have difficulties to SET HEALTHY BOUNDARIES with colleagues and supervisors so they don’t walk over you

You feel you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH yet and that you have to constantly prove your value

You struggle to advocate for yourself or to SPEAK UP in a clear and convincing way

You AVOID DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS at all costs because you feel they could end up in a potential conflict

You don't feel CONFIDENT ENOUGH and ready to move to the next stage of your career, whether it's a higher position, a new job or starting something on your own

You feel stuck and you lack CLARITY on your next career steps or how to even get there in the first place

I Know Just How You Feel…

I’m Ronald, and I also felt an office impostor, too.

In many ways, the story above is my story – and it all drove me to complete burnout.

Despite my “successful” journey on paper, such as graduating from one of the top French business schools with a Master In Management degree and working in a well known IT-consulting company in Paris, I still felt I wasn’t good enough and doubted myself a lot.

For months, I experienced a constant inner battle as my inner critic fueled my self-doubt, taunting me for even having goals and dreams that seemed unrealistic.

I realized that I couldn’t go on like this and realized that the root of my problems lay in a lack of professional confidence and assertiveness.

I started to research how to improve these two traits. I read every book I could, took every course I found and eventually discovered all the tools I was lacking – and implemented them in my working life.

I won’t lie: I was deeply uncomfortable saying ‘no’ and speaking up when I knew conflict was inevitable. As the weeks turned into months, I noticed that I felt more confident and assertive and that I had better communication skills…

… At first these newly acquired skills allowed me to feel brave enough to quit the consulting industry and find a Tech company more aligned with my values, interests and personality. It was a great first step in the right direction. In this new environment, I was being treated with new respect by my colleagues and I could be more myself.

After, my self-development journey continued, I realized that it wasn’t only a problem of confidence and assertiveness what was holding me back in my career, it was a mindset issue.

Working on my mindset allowed me to finally believe that I could be in the driver’s seat of my career, rather than just a passenger.

I realized that my limiting beliefs were holding me back from truly pursuing my dream career all along.

I felt finally confident enough to truly ask myself what I wanted to do with my life, regardless of any external expectations and opinions.

I finally found my real purpose of coaching others to go through this same transformation, unlocking their core confidence, and empowering them to build an authentic and fulfilling career.

And I was able to do so, because I was aligned with my authentic, true self.

… Now, Here’s the Good News!

You’re not alone, and you’re not helpless

With a little guidance, you can achieve your professional goals. My holistic, 1-on-1 approach blends a deep understanding of the mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of your limiting beliefs and gives you the techniques and skills you need to transform.

My goal is a simple one: to deliver a complete transformation using effective tools that empower you to start realizing your career goals with confidence over thirteen weeks.

Journey Down a Modular Path to Confident Career Success

This program has been optimized to deliver change over three months through six modules, each featuring video frameworks and techniques to help you build up your confidence and assertiveness.

The modules included in the program serve as a structure. However, we will co-create together a customized coaching experience, designed to answer perfectly to your unique situation and needs.

Each week, you’ll receive worksheets and exercises to work on, which we will review together in our weekly 1-on-1 coaching call.

You’ll also be able to contact me at any time via WhatsApp or email. The success of this course is defined by you – and the goals that you set for yourself.

1. Mindset

You will be able to understand and change your story which will allow you to reframe your limiting beliefs, therefore empowering you to unlock your confidence and assertiveness relying on a solid mindset. 

2. Confidence

You will get to know the fundamentals about confidence and how to develop it. You will be able to update your thinking regarding confidence and have a solid foundation to continue your journey. 

3. Assertiveness & Healthy Boundaries

You will be able to understand the importance of an assertive behavior and how to adopt it. As a consequence you will be able to set healthy boundaries and mantain them.

4. Effective Communication

You will learn the different communication styles and how to adopt a clear and effective way of communicating. We will explore tools and techniques that go from effective listening all the way to improving your body language.

5. Difficult Conversations

You will learn how to manage difficult conversations and become a real pro when it comes to give and receive feedback. 

6. Career Action Plan

You will go in depth in terms of your career aspirations, goals and skills so we can build together an action plan to reach the next stage of your career, whether it’s getting promoted, changing jobs or starting something on your own.

Customized Coaching Experience

We define together your coaching needs and goals, and co-create an unique action plan.

Training Videos

You will have access to training videos that will cover mainly the theory, so we can focus our 1-on-1 calls on your unique situation and needs.

Essential Workbooks & Assignments

You will have access to workbooks and assignments that will be essential to make you reflect and work on your transformation.

Accountability System

You will have access to your unique dashboard where we will set milestones, schedule our calls and define assignments.

I will be available for you via Whatsapp, Email, Zoom, etc to keep you accountable and fully support you on your transformational journey. 

A Transformational Journey Awaits!

Are You a Good Fit for 1-on-1 Coaching?

This 1-on-1 coaching isn’t for everyone – I don’t have a ‘magic wand’ that will automatically transform you into a confident and assertive professional. I can only show you what to do: to succeed and provide you with accountability and support. To succeed, you will also need to commit yourself to the transformation process.

If you can’t do that, then I can’t help you.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, then let’s talk.


“His coaching program has helped so much. Before I was a people-pleaser both at work and in my personal life. I realized people were walking over me, I was consistently putting other people’s needs and feelings above my own. Since working with Ronald, I feel like I have gone through a huge transformation.

I feel way more free now because I don’t feel the need to care as much as before for other people’s needs and opinions and I can be more myself.

I feel less stressed because before I used to put myself in all of these uncomfortable situations where I wanted to please everyone, but that is just not possible. I have accepted that and now I can be way more relaxed and be myself.

I really liked working with Ronald because he’s so patient, he’s a great listener, you can really open yourself up with him very easily and gives great advice. He really guides you through this journey and you really feel you’re together during this process. Thank you!

If you are in a similar situation as I was before you really need to take some action, it really is a must because it’s not possible to go on like this. So I really recommend you to work with him.”

Natascha G.

” He helped me improve enormously throughout the year so I’ve had the chance to have him as a coach.

It used to be really hard for me to say no a lot at work so I used to take on much more work than I was supposed to and ended up with a burnout.

And thank God Ronald was there to really help me throughout this journey of getting better and recognizing why I have to start saying no.

Now, I set my own boundaries and people respect me more because of those boundaries.

Ronald also helped me understand that you don’t need to take only the toughest routes in life, you can say no and choose an easier route if it’s gonna help you get what you truly want in life and go towards your happiness.

I really appreciate his understanding and his willingness to listen and to figure out ways to make me better but also push myself to limits I didn’t think possible before.

He really helped me take a step back into understanding more of where things come from in order to change some behaviors.

I just wanted to really thank Ronald for his professionalism and his hard work. And if you’re doubting at all to to work with him as a coach don’t hesitate a single second, he is definitely going to help you.

You have the Ferrari without the engine and he will give you the engine to move forward. So, yeah, I really recommend him.”

Julia L.

How It Works

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Reach Your Goals

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